Nautical Playing Cards
Nautical Playing Cards
International Code Flags

The need for ship-to-ship communications has existed since man took to the sea, and communication flags extended communication beyond the range of the human voice. Visual communication systems developed over the centuries, slowly evolving into codes of letters and numbers. By the late 1800's most maritime nations used variations of the International Code of Signals, developed in 1857 by he British Board of Trade. The United Nations International Maritime Organization standardized the International Code in 1965 The names of each flag (Foxtrot, Mike, Romeo, etc.) were chosen so they would not be confused with other, similar sounding words. These flags and phonetic names are widely used by yacht race committees, pleasure yachts and ships to signal one another.

Nautical Playing Cards

This deck of Nautical Playing Cards shows both the flags and phonetic names - helping you to learn the international code flags while you play your favorite card game. You’ll be amazed how quickly you develop your flag recognition skills.

Increase your enjoyment and understanding of the marine community.
Learn to recognize and read the International Code Flags!

A great gift idea for anyone who likes boating or the sea!

Nautical Playing Cards

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